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Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 8 March 2019

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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, churn the ocean of knowledge and find topics that you can lecture on. The topic of the lectures should be the same everywhere. This will become the basis of unity amongst you.
Question:What effort should you children continue to make so that you pass with honours?
Answer:You must make the effort to go beyond all karmic bondages. When you speak to someone, consider that one to be a soul, your brother; look at the brother. When you listen to the Father, look at the Father in the centre of the forehead. By your maintaining this brotherly vision for everyone, your love and relationship of brotherhood will become firm. This does require effort, but it is this effort that enables you to pass with honours. Children who are going to claim a high status will definitely make this effort.

Om shanti. Sweetest children, it has been explained to you that this is the land of death and that, in contrast to this, there is the land of immortality. On the path of devotion, it has been shown that Shankar told Parvati the story of immortality. You are now going to that land of immortality. It is not Shankar who tells this story, it is the Ocean of Knowledge, the one Father, who tells this story. Shankar is not the Ocean of Knowledge that he would tell you this story. You children have to explain how to conquer death. It is this knowledge that makes you immortal and eternal and also increases your lifespan. There, there is no death. It is by conquering the five vices here, that is, by conquering Ravan, that you become the masters of the kingdom of Rama, that is, of the land of immortality. The kingdom of Ravan is the land of death, and the kingdom of Rama is the land of immortality. Death can never come to the deities. There are no demons of death there. The topic, “How human beings can conquer death”, is very good. All of these aspects are knowledge. Bharat was the land of immortality where people had a long lifespan. The example of the snake applies to the golden age; it sheds its skin and naturally has another. This is called unlimited disinterest. You know that the whole world is going to be destroyed and that you will have to shed your old bodies. Your present old skins are the last ones of your 84 births. This does not happen in the land of immortality. There, they are aware that when their old bodies have reached a state of decay, they must shed them and take new ones. You also have a vision. Understanding is also called insight. Your new skins are ready for you and you now have to shed your old ones. This is how it will happen there. That world is called the land of immortality where there is no death; you will leave your body at the right moment. The example of the tortoise also applies here; it does its work and then becomes introverted. The examples here have been copied by those on the path of devotion, but only in name; they do not understand anything. You now understand that all the festivals they continue to celebrate on the path of devotion, such as Raksha Bandhan, Dashera, Diwali and Holi, apply to this time. These things do not exist in the golden age. Make a list of all the topics such as how humans can conquer death and how all souls leave the land of death and go to the land of immortality. You have to write down all of these points before explaining them, just as they write the story of a play and say: Today is such and such a play. You should also have a list of pointsToday, this topic will be explained to you: How you can leave the kingdom of Ravan and go to the kingdom of deities. The explanation is the same, but when people listen to the different topics, they will understand how they can claim their unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father and experience a great deal of happiness. It was written in a newspaper that the sannyasis are celebrating the 125th sacrificial fire and, beneath that, there was a list of the topics to be discussed. Here, the Father says: Only once do I create this sacrificial fire into which the whole world is totally sacrificed. They create many sacrificial fires and have many huge processions etc. You understand that Rudra Shiv Baba creates just this one sacrificial fire here and that the whole of the old world is to be totally sacrificed into it. The new world will be established and you will become deities. The Father explains all of this to you. The Father, the Creator, comes and gives you the knowledge of Himself and also the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. He also teaches you Raj Yoga. There are pure deities in the golden age; they also rule the kingdom. It is called the original eternal deity religion. You can also have this topic: How the original eternal deity religion of the golden age is being established and how peace is being created throughout the world. Come and understand this. No one, but the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can advise you how to make peace in the world. Prizes are given to people who give ideas. There is also the topic: Who can give the prize for establishing peace in the world and how can it be accomplished? Churn the ocean of knowledge and make a list of different topics. Make such arrangements that the same topic is taken up everywhere. Then, connections will be set up between you all. Make a list and let everyone know in advance. That news should then be sent to Delhi so that everyone will know that the same lecture is going to be given everywhere. This is called unity. Throughout the world there is disunity, but the praise of the kingdom of Rama is that of the lion and the cow drinking water together from the same pool. If there is such a story given to the silver age, what must it have been like in the golden age? There are many different stories written in the scriptures. You now listen to just the one story told to you by the Father. They continue to make up countless stories in the world. None of the scriptures etc. that have been created from the beginning of the copper age to the end of the iron age exist there. Everything of the path of devotion ends. Whatever you see here is evil. Therefore, see but don’t see and hear but don’t hear. Only keep the things in your intellects that the Father explains to you. We Brahmins of the confluence age are so elevated. We are even more elevated than the deities. At this time, we are the children of God. The number of us is gradually continuing to grow. Even such easy aspects do not sit in anyone’s intellect. You are the children of God, and so you definitely have to become the masters of heaven, because it is the Father who establish heaven. Because the duration of the cycle has been given hundreds of thousands of years, they are not able to remember anything. The Father comes and reminds you. This is a matter of 5000 years. You were deities. He is now making you into those again. By listening personally, you experience a lot of happiness and become refreshed. It is the wise and sensible children who have it in their intellects that they must claim their inheritance from the Father. The Father creates the new world and we definitely have to be in that new world. All are the children of the one Father. Everyone’s religion is different and everyone’s place of residence is also different. Each one comes and goes in a different way. How they go and reside in the supreme region is also in the intellect. There is the genealogical tree in the supreme region. The genealogical tree cannot be seen in the subtle region. Whatever scenes are seen in the subtle region are just visions. All of those are fixed in the drama. When you go to the subtle region, you see everything as though it is a silent movie. At first, the films they made were silent, then they began to make them with sound. You cannot make a drama with just silence. You children understand how you live in silence. Just as there is the genealogical tree of souls there, so here, too, there is the tree of human beings. Keep all of these things in your intellects and give lectures on them. It takes time to learn all of these things. Even if you do understand everything, where is the pilgrimage of remembrance through which you can imbibe everything and experience happiness? You are now studying how to have accurate yoga. It has been explained to you children that you must regard everyone as your brother. The forehead is the throne of the soul. This is why “The Lucky Chariot” has been remembered. When you explain these things to others, remain aware that you are explaining to your brothers. It takes great effort to maintain this outlook. It is by making this effort that you receive a high status. The Father also sees you in this way. The Father’s vision is also drawn to the centre of the forehead. A soul is just a tiny dot. It is the soul that listens. You also look at the Father in the centre of the forehead. Baba is here and the brother (Brahma’s soul) is also here. By keeping such things in your intellects, you children of the Ocean of Knowledge also become oceans of knowledge. It is very easy for you to do this. It is a little difficult for those who live at home with their families to maintain this stage. They go home after listening but the atmosphere in their homes is different. Here, it is easy. Baba tells you a very easy method: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. Consider others to be your brothers. It is through this brotherly vision that you can go beyond all karmic bondages. You will be able to forget bodies and just remember the Father. If you continue to make this effort, you will pass with honours. However, only a few are able to maintain this stage and it is they who become the masters of the world. There is also the rosary of eight, and so you have to make effort. Those who are to claim a high status will definitely make this effort, no matter what happens. There is no need to go into other things. Love and relationships are formed through brotherly vision and that vision becomes firm. Therefore, the Father says: I explain many deep things to you. It takes effort to put them all into practice. As you sit here, each of you should consider yourself to be a soul. It is the soul that listens. You are looking at a soul who is listening. Those people say that souls are immune to the effect of action. Is the body listening? That is wrong. The Father tells you such deep things. It is you children who have to make effort. Those who became something in the previous cycle will make effort again. They also relate their own experience: I speak and listen in this way and have developed this habit. It is souls that are told “Manmanabhav”. Each one of you is told “Manmanabhav”, that is, “Remember the Father.” This effort is incognito. Students go and sit under a tree to study, but that is a physical thing. By your practising all of this now, the habit will increase day by day. You are listening to new things. Whatever you hear now, new ones will also come and hear them. Some say that they have come late. However, you in fact hear very firstclass, deep and subtle things and by making effort you claim a very high status. It is good. Maya is not going to leave you until the very end. Your war with Maya will continue until you gain victory. Then you will suddenly depart. Depending on how much remembrance you have, you will become aware that you are going to the Father and you will then leave your body. Baba has seen that, when those who have the aim of merging into the brahm element leave their bodies, total silence spreads all around. Nevertheless, no one is able to attain eternal liberation, nor is anyone able to return home yet. All the actors are needed in this drama. All of them have to be down here at the end. When not a single soul remains up there, everyone has to return home. However many human beings there are, they will all have to return home; there will just be a few who remain here. They will say: We will see everyone off. At this time, the golden age is being established. There are so many billions of human beings, and so we will see everyone off and then go into our own kingdom. Others would perhaps see40 to 50 peopleoff but how many souls will you see off? All souls will return like a swarm of insects to the land of peace. I have come here to take you and everyone else back home and I will then send you back down. These are wonderfulthings. Billions of human beings will be going home. You will see them all off. Everyone will return home to the supreme region. Your intellects now have to work on all of these matters. The tree will gradually start to grow large again. The rosary of Runda will become the rosary of Rudra. It is in your intellects how the rosary of Rudra (Shiva) becomes the rosary of Runda (Vishnu). Amongst you though, it is only those who have deep and subtle intellects who are able to understand all of these subtle things. The Father explains these things to you in various ways so that you are able to remember them. From the rosary of Rudra, you will go into the rosary of Runda; then you will continue to come down, numberwise. The rosary of Rudra is so huge! No one else understands this knowledge. Since the very beginning, no one else has been able to know this knowledge. Only you Brahmins of the confluence age are able to understand it all. Just remember the confluence age and all the knowledge will enter your intellects. You are lighthouses who show everyone their destination. You become such good lighthouses. There are no aspects that do not apply to you. You are surgeons, pawnbrokers and launderers. All of these specialities are within you, and so all of this praise applies to you but, numberwise, according to the effort you make. The praise you receive is according to the task you perform. The Father gives you directions and you have to think about them. It is the duty of you children to hold seminars. Baba won’t stop you from doing anything. Achcha. What benefit is there in explaining so much? The Father says: Manmanabhav! Baba feeds you such nourishing food. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Always maintain this intoxication: We Brahmins of the confluence age are even more elevated than the deities because, at this time, we are God’s children; we are master oceans of knowledge. It is at this time that we inculcate all of these specialities into ourselves.
  2. Only keep the things that the Father explains in your intellects. While hearing anything else, don’t hear it. While seeing anything else don’t see it. Hear no evil! See no evil!
Blessing:May you be a carefree emperor and move away from any shadow of Maya and stays under the canopy of protection of remembrance.
Those who constantly stay under the canopy of protection of the Father’s remembrance constantly experience themselves to be safe. The way to save yourself from the shadow (chaaya) of Maya is to stay under the Father’s canopy of protection (chatra-chaaya). Those who stay under the canopy of protection will always be carefree emperors. If there are any worries, your happiness disappears. When your happiness disappears, you then become weak and there will be the influence of the shadow of Maya because it is weakness that invokes Maya. If there is some shadow of Maya, even in your dreams, she will cause you a lot of distress and this is why you have to remain constantly under the canopy of protection.
Slogan:With the screwdriver of understanding, tighten the loose screw of carelessness and remain constantlyalert.

*** Om Shanti ***


Today Murli Brahma kumaris : 8 March 2018

Read Murli in Hindi :- Click Here

Read Murli 7 March 2018 :- Click Here

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, create methods to give the accurate introduction of the most beloved Father. Give the introduction of Alpha in accurate words so that the idea of omnipresence ends.
Question:What is the duty of the children who pick up the imperishable jewels of knowledge?
Answer:To churn the ocean of knowledge about everything very well and give everyone the Father’s true introduction. Give them the understanding of who made them into sinful souls as well as the understanding of who made them into charitable souls. It is the duty of you children to save everyone from picking the berries of Ravan and to enable them to pick up the jewels of knowledge. Create different methods for service. By remaining busyin service, you will have limitless happiness.
Song:Come and meet me, o Beloved!

Om shanti. The Father, the Supreme Father, is always called the Creator. People say that He creates the whole creation of animals and birds, but you should explain to them that they should first of all understand about human beings. How does the Supreme Father, who is the Creator, create the human world? It is human beings who call out to Him, the Father, because they are unhappy. Everyone remembers that one Creator. So, first of all, explain who the Creator of the human world is. That Creator is the Father of all. First of all, give them the Father’s introduction. Souls neither have the introduction of the self nor of the Father. If they had the introduction of the self, the soul, they would also understand whose children they are. We are the children of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. That Father is the Creator. Therefore, He would surely create the human world first. That would be the new world, heaven. The Father would definitely create heaven. It is not possible that the Father would create a creation of sorrow. Since we are the children of the Father who creates heaven, we should also be there or in the supreme abode. However, we have to come here to play our part s. These are ways to churn the ocean of knowledge. Churn these things for whatever time you have available. Sages and holy men etc. don’t have accurate knowledge of the Father. The Creator would definitely create heaven, and then all souls should be in the land of nirvana. That land of nirvana where the Father resides is also the home of all of us souls. You children have to make effort to connect your intellects in yoga to the unlimited Father. Because of not having yoga, human beings commit sin and they are unable to imbibe anything. They don’t remember the Father. God is only One. He is the most beloved Creator of heaven. There is a lot of happiness there. Here, people remember God because there is sorrow. A father gives birth to his children to give them happiness. The golden and silver ages are called the land of happiness. It is now the iron age. After this, the golden age has to come. Therefore, the Father too definitely has to come. Churn the ocean of knowledge in this way and explain to others. Here, you receive the Father’s introduction through the Father. People don’t know that most beloved Father. They don’t know the Father and so they don’t even consider themselves to be His children. We now know the Father and so we remember Him. He is the unlimited Father of all souls. The Incorporeal creates creation through this corporeal Prajapita. There is Prajapita Brahma and the Brahmins. Surely, the Father of Prajapita Brahma would be the Supreme Father who is called the Creator. When anyone comes, first of all give him the Father’s introduction. Only when they remember Alpha can they then understand anything further. No one would be able to understand anything without first understanding Alpha. That too has to be explained in such a way that people are able to realise that the explanations you give seem to be very accurate. No one else would explain that that unlimited Father is the Creator of heaven. There must definitely be someone who is the creator of hell. Since the one Father is the Purifier, there must also be someone who makes you impure. This has to be explained very clearly. Who is the Father we remember? You wouldn’t remember Ravan. People are completely ignorant: they neither know Rama, the Supreme Soul, who purifies everyone, nor Ravan who makes everyone impure. Before you ask people to fill in the form , you have to give them the Father’s introduction. No one else can ask the question: Who is the Father of you, the soul? A soul exists in every human being. It is said: A living human soul, a sinful soul, a charitable soul. Only the Father makes you into charitable souls. So, who makes you into sinful souls? This definitely has to be explained. Do you know the Father, who is the Creator of heaven, whose children we all are? He would surely only create a pure world. The world is now impure, and this is why people sing: O Purifier, come! Who would purify all of these impure human beings? If He were omnipresent, it would not be right to say: Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, come! If He is omnipresent, there is even no need to remember Him. We are now giving you very good advice. The advice of Brahma is very well known. We Brahmins are the mouth-born creation of Brahma. The One who gives advice to Brahma must surely be someone higher. Brahma is the son of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva, who is the Father of all souls. This one is Prajapita, the Father of People. If you children churn the ocean of knowledge in this way to do service, you will have a lot of happiness. When someone comes, give him jewels of knowledge. The Father comes and enables you to pick up the imperishable jewels of knowledge through which you become the masters of the world. Then Ravan comes and makes you pick berries (worth nothing). Images of Shiva and images of deities are all made of stone. By worshipping stone, the intellects of people have become stone. The images of Shiva are also made out of stone. Surely, Shiv Baba must have come at some time in the living form and taught us. There must also have been Prajapita Brahma. There must have been Brahma Kumari Saraswati too. They exist now in the practical form. Her praise is that she is the one who fulfils everyone’s desires. She is the goddess of knowledge who donates the imperishable jewels of knowledge to everyone. They have then shown Saraswati with a sitar. All of these things should enter your intellects. If you have to give a lecture somewhere, you have to churn the ocean of knowledge. First of all, write out the lecture and then refine it. Great, good speakers speak with great caution. They say everything absolutely accurately. If they hesitate even slightly, they lose their honour. This is why they practise in advance. Here, too, you should at least have enough knowledge to be able to give someone the Father’s introduction. You have to do service. Many are trapped in the chains of vicious gurus. They are unable to grant salvation to anyone. Only incorporeal God is called the Purifier. No one has been granted salvation through the notion of omnipresence. Shiv Baba alone is the Purifier. He is also called Rudra. The sacrificial fire of Rudra is well known. No one else can create such a big sacrificial fire. For how many years does the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra continue? He continues to speak knowledge. When people create sacrificial fires, they also have scriptures there. They relate the stories from the Ramayana, the Bhagawad etc. They call that a sacrificial fire of Rudra. In fact, this is the sacrificial fire of Rudra. This sacrificial fire continues for a long time. Their sacrificial fires would perhaps continue for a month. Look how long this sacrificial fire has been going! All the old things are to be destroyed in this. The whole of this old world has to be burnt in it. Just imagine how big this sacrificial fire is! Think about it! When everyone’s body has been sacrificed into it, all souls can go back to the supreme abode. How can you become pure from impure until the Father comes? Who can liberate you from the chains of Maya? There must be someone. This is why the Master Himself comes. It isn’t that He becomes omnipresent and gives knowledge. He, Himself, comes. We are His children and grandchildren. In fact, you are also this. That Father has now come and is giving us His introduction. Heaven is being established. We are Raja Yoga Rishis whereas those people are hatha yoga Rishis. They tell a story of this as to whether such-and-such a guru weighed more than a Raj Rishi. All of them belong to the path of devotion whereas you belong to the path of knowledge. There is a story about the scales of devotion and knowledge. On the one side are all the scriptures of the path of devotion and on the other side is the knowledge of the one Gita. However, the one Gita is heavier. The Gita is that of the Raj Rishis whereas the hatha yogis have many scriptures. Place all of those scriptures on one side and just the one Gita on the other side. In fact, that Gita is not ours either. Ours is of knowledge. The God of the Gita comes to grant salvation. So, all of this should remain in the intellects of you children. Then, whether someone understands or not, it is our duty to explain to everyone. Everyone’s eyes will open at the time of death. The flames of destruction emerged from this sacrificial fire of knowledge. The Lord of you Pandavas is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. It is only the Supreme Father, not Krishna, who purifies the impure. Krishna is a prince. No one would call him God, the Father. He would be called a father when he has children. Krishna is a child himself, so how could he be called a father? The law doesn’t allow this. Krishna has to have a partner with him. He has to have children for him to be called a father. Then that would make him a householder. It is the incorporeal Father who sits here and gives knowledge. He never becomes part of a household. He is ever pure. Krishna takes birth from his mother’s womb, so how could he be called the Purifier? You children now understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has to enter the body of Prajapita Brahma. Prajapita definitely has to exist here. Therefore, He names him Brahma and says: I enter this ordinary body. This one has taken 84 births and is now in his final birth; he is in his stage of retirement and is a very experienced chariot. It is said of Arjuna that he adopted many gurus, that he also studied many scriptures etc. Therefore, you have to explain in this way. Have you ever heard the name of Prajapita Brahma? Since Brahma exists, there surely also have to be Brahmins. There are the main clans. They show the clans in the cycle. The Brahmin clan is the smallest of all. They have a short time to take knowledge. There are so few Brahmins. Then, there are more deities, then there are more warriors than them. Then, there are more merchants and shudras than them. There are so few of you Brahmins. Of you few, there are even fewer whose mercury of happiness is always high. The Father has explained that the mercury of happiness will rise at amrit vela. During the day and at night the atmosphere is very bad. At that time, it is difficult to stay in remembrance. The early morning hours of nectar are remembered. At that time, all souls are tired and so they become detached from their bodies and go to sleep. That is an auspicious time. In fact, you should have remembrance of the Father in your heart while walking and moving around. If you force yourself to sit in one place to remember Him, that remembrance would not remain all the time. Rishis, munis and devotees also wake up early in the morning and sing devotional songs etc. because the atmosphere at that time is very pure. Therefore, explain to anyone who comes that you are now studying. There is no question of blind faith in this. The incorporeal Father, in the form of the Teacher, is teaching us easy Raja Yoga. So people will be amazed and wonder how the incorporeal One teaches us. There are truly the words of God and so He must surely have entered a body and taught Raja Yoga. He must have taken a body on loan. Therefore, first of all, give the Father’s introduction in a wise way. What inheritance would you receive by saying that He is omnipresent? Until God’s words reach people’s ears, they won’t be able to understand anything. God is incorporeal, Brahma is the corporeal Father of People and you are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The incorporeal Supreme Soul teaches through the body of Brahma. Our aim and objective is to change from human beings into deities. If you give the Father’s introduction, you will be able to remember the Father. Some write that God is incorporeal and so you have to explain to them. Some write that they don’t know anything at all! Oh! don’t you know your Father? Since “The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul” is said, there must definitely be someone. You children know that you are earning your future income for birth after birth from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Those who create obstacles in this must be accumulating so much sin. They create obstacles purposely. Those who do it unknowingly would not be blamed. In fact, the whole world is without understanding. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. You children understand the meaning of each word. First of all, there is the Mother and Father and then BapDada. The Mother and Father is the One who makes you into the masters of heaven. These two are Bap and Dada. Then “Jagadamba” is said. These are very deep matters. This is the deepest riddle and people can benefit a great deal by understanding it. Then, He calls you long-lost and now-found. This is another riddle. He then says: The children who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, the spinners of the discus of self-realisation. This too is a new riddle. Everything has a riddle within it. Achcha.

To the spinners of the discus of self-realisation, the lights of the eyes, love, remembrance and good morning. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Remember with a lot of love the Father at the auspicious time of the early morning hours of nectar and let the mercury of your happiness rise. Continue to practise having remembrance while walking and moving around.
  2. In order to be saved from performing sinful actions and to imbibe knowledge very well, make effort to connect your intellects in yoga to the one Father.
Blessing:May you be full of good wishes and pure feelings and remain content and make everyone content.
Brahmins remain constantly content and make others content. Therefore, no matter what happens and no matter how much someone tries to shake you, remain aware that you have to stay content and make others content and you will never get angry. If someone repeatedly makes mistakes, do not get angry to transform them, but be merciful and regard them with good wishes and pure feelings and they will easily be transformed.
Slogan:Become experienced in God’s love and no obstruction will be able to stop you.

*** Om Shanti ***

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