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Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 28 September 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, you are true friends with the whole world; you should have no enmity with anyone.
Question:You are the spiritual military. What direction has the Father given you which you have to put into practice?
Answer:You have been given the direction: Always wear your badge. Whenever anyone asks you what it is or who you are, tell him: We are the fire brigade who puts out the fire of lust of the whole world. At this time, the whole world is ablaze with the fire of lust. We are giving everyone the message: Now become pure and imbibe divine virtues and your boat will go across.

Om shanti. Sweetest, spiritual children are sitting in easy remembrance. Some find it difficult. Many are confused because they think that they have to sit in a very tight or strict manner. The Father says: There is nothing like that here. You may sit how you like; you simply have to remember the Father. There is no question of difficulty in this. Hatha yogis sit in a very tight position, crossing one leg over the other. Here, the Father tells you to sit comfortably. Remember the Father and the cycle of 84 births. This is easy remembrance. While sitting and walking around, this should remain in your intellects. Just as this little boy is sitting next to his father and he is only aware of his parents, so you too are children, and it is therefore easy to remember the Father. We are Baba’s children. We have to claim our inheritance from Baba. You may live at home with your families and carry on working for your livelihoods, but simply remove the remembrance of others from your intellects. Some of you used to remember Hanuman, and others used to remember sages etc. That remembrance has to be forgotten. Everyone remembers someone. Worshippers go to temples in order to carry out their worship. Here, there is no need to go anywhere. Tell anyone you meet: Shiv Baba says: Remember Me, the one Father. Shiv Baba is incorporeal. He definitely has to come into the corporeal world to say: Constantly remember Me alone! I am the Purifier. This word is right. Baba says: Remember Me. All of you are impure. This is the impure and tamopradhan world. This is why Baba says: Don’t remember any bodily being. It is a good thing, is it not, that no guru etc. is praised here? The Father says: Simply remember Me and your sins will be cut away. This is the power of the fire of yoga. The unlimited Father is telling the truth, is He not, when He says that the God of the Gita is the incorporeal One? It is not a question of Krishna being this. God says: Simply remember Me alone! There is no other method. By returning home pure, you will claim a high status. Otherwise, your status will be reduced. I am giving you the Father’s message; I am a messenger. There is no difficulty in explaining this. Women, stone intellects, hunchbacks can also claim a high status, whether you live here or at home with your family. It isn’t that those who live here stay in remembrance more. Baba says: Those who live outside can also stay in remembrance a great deal and do a lot of service. Some come here and become refreshed by the Father and then return home. Therefore, they should have so much happiness inside. There are only a few more days in this dirty world and we will then go to the land of Krishna. Even Krishna’s temple is called the land of happiness (Sukhdham). Therefore, since you children now belong to the unlimited Father, you should experience limitless happiness. You were made into the masters of heaven. You also say: Baba, I met You 5000 years ago and I will meet You again. You have to be victorious over Maya by remembering the Father. You no longer want to stay in this land of sorrow. You are studying in order to go to the land of happiness. Everyone has to settle his or her accounts and return home. I have come to establish the new world. All the rest of the souls will go and stay in the land of liberation. The Father says: I am the Death of all Deaths. I free all souls from their bodies and take them all back home with Me. Everyone asks to go back soon because they don’t want to live here. This is an old world and an old body. The Father now says: I will take everyone back with Me. I will not leave anyone behind. All of you called out to Me: O Purifier, come! People don’t understand the meaning of that, although they continue to remember Me. They chant the name of the Purifier, referring to King Rama of the warrior clan of the silver age. Shiv Baba neither becomes a king nor rules a kingdom. It is wrong to call Him “King Rama”. When they turn the beads of a rosary, they say Rama’s name. This is how they remember God. God is Shiva. Human beings have given Him many names. They even call Krishna by many names: “Shyam Sundar”, “Vaikunthnath” (the Lord of Paradise), “Makhan Chor” (the one who stole butter) etc. Would you say Krishna was someone who stole butter? Not at all! You now understand that God is incorporeal. No bodily being can be God. If even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar cannot be called God, how can human beings call themselves God? The rosary of victory of 108 of the Father is remembered. Shiv Baba established heaven. They (Lakshmi and Narayan) were the masters of that heaven. They must definitely have made effort prior to that. That is called the confluence age, between the end of the iron age and the beginning of the golden age. It is the confluence of the cycles. However, those people then spoke of a confluence of every age. They forgot that they called Him the Incarnation and said that He was in the pebbles and stones and in every speck of dust. That too is in the drama. Anything that becomes the past is called the drama. After there has been a quarrel with someone, that has become the past. Therefore, you mustn’t think about it. Achcha, if someone said something or other, just forget it. He said the same thing in the previous cycle too. If you remember it, you continue to become upset. Don’t even speak about it again. You children have to do service, do you not? There shouldn’t be any obstacles to service. You mustn’t show any weakness in service. It is Shiv Baba’s service, is it not? You must never refuse to do it. Otherwise, you will destroy your own status. You have become the Father’s helpers. Therefore, you have to give Him complete help. You mustn’t even slightly deceive the Father in doing His service. The message has to be given to everyone. The Father continues to say: Give the museum such a name that, when people see it, they will be pulled to enter it and can thereby come to understand. This is something new and when people see something new they immediately enter. Nowadays, people come from abroad to learn the ancient yoga of Bharat. “Ancient” means the oldest of all. That can only be the yoga taught by God which He taught 5000 years ago. There is no yoga in the golden and silver ages. The One who taught you went away. Only when He comes again after 5000 years does He teach Raj Yoga. “Ancient” means 5000 years ago, when God taught it. That same God will then come at the confluence age once again and teach you Raj Yoga through which you can become pure. At this time even the elements are tamopradhan. Even water causes so much damage. Calamities continue to happen in the old world. In the golden age, there is no question of calamities. There, nature becomes your servant. Here, nature becomes your enemy and causes sorrow. There was no question of sorrow in the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. That was the golden age, the age of truth. It is now being established once again. The Father is teaching you ancient Raj Yoga and He will teach it again after 5000 years. Whatever part someone has, he will play that same part again. The unlimited Father is also playing His part. The Father says: I enter this one, carry out establishment and return home. After the cries of distress, there will be cries of victory. The old world will be destroyed. When it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, the old world didn’t exist. It is a matter of 5000 years ago. It cannot be a matter of hundreds of thousands of years. The Father says: In order to benefit yourself, forget everything else and engage yourself in this service. Don’t sulk and then become deceitful in the service you do. This is God’s service. There will be many storms of Maya, but don’t deceive anyone in God, the Father’s, service. The Father continues to give you directions for the sake of service. You are true friends of anyone who comes, even your friends and relatives. You Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are friends with the whole world because you are the Father’s helpers. There should be no enmity among friends. If something happens, just say: Remember Shiv Baba. Engage yourself in following the Father’s shrimat. Otherwise, you will cause yourself a loss. When you come here by train, you are all free. You have a very good chance to do service. The badge is a very good thing. Each one of you definitely has to wear it. When someone asks who you are, tell him: We are the firebrigade. That fire brigade puts out fires. The whole world is now burning in the fire of lust. The Father now says: Conquer lust, the greatest enemy! Remember the Father and become pure. Imbibe divine virtues and your boat will go across. These badges have been created according to shrimat. Very few children do service using their badge. Baba explains to you so many times in the murlis. Every Brahmin should have a badge. Explain the badge to whomever you meet: This is Baba. You have to remember Him. We are not praising the corporeal one. The Bestower of Salvation for All is the one incorporeal Father and it is He who has to be remembered. Your sins will be cut away with the power of yoga and your final thoughts will then lead you to your destination. You will be liberated from the land of sorrow and you will then go to the land of Vishnu. This is such good news! You can also give them some literature. Tell them: Because you are poor we will give it to you free of charge. Wealthy ones should give some money because plenty have to be printed. This is such that you can change from a beggar and become a master of the world. You continue to receive these explanations. Tell anyone of any religion: In fact, you are a soul. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Destruction is now just ahead. This world is going to change. If you remember Shiv Baba you will go to the land of Vishnu. Tell them: We are giving you something that is worth millions and billions. Baba has told you so many times that you have to serve using your badge, but some of you don’t even wear your badge because you are too embarrassed. When Brahmin teachers come here with a group or when they go to work on their own, they should definitely be wearing this badge. When you explain this badge to people, they will become very happy. Tell them: We only believe in the one Father. Only He can give everyone peace and happiness. Therefore, remember Him. Souls cannot return home impure. This old world is now going to change. While you are coming here you should do service in this manner along the way. Your name will be glorified a great deal. Baba understands that you are perhaps too embarrassed to wear your badge and that is why you don’t do any service. Firstly, you should have the badge. Then, together with this, you should have pictures of the Trimurti, the cycle and the tree. Sit amongst yourselves and explain to one another and many will gather round you. When they ask, “What is this?” tell them: Shiv Baba is establishing the new world through this one (Brahma). The Father says: Now remember Me and become pure! Impure souls cannot return home. Tell them such sweet things that everyone listens in great happiness. However, this doesn’t sit in anyone’s intellect. When you go to your centre for class, you should always wear your badgeMilitary people always wear their badge. Are they ever too embarrassed to wear it? You are the spiritual military. The Father is giving you directions. So, why don’t you put them into practice? When you wear your badge you will be able to remember Shiv Baba. I am a child of Shiv Baba. Day by day, centres will continue to open. Someone or other will emerge. They will say: You don’t have a branch in this town. Tell them: If someone makes arrangements and invites us to come and offers us accommodation, we can come and do service here. When children have courage, the Father helps. The Father only tells you children to open centres and do service. All of these are Shiv Baba’s shops. They are being run by the children. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. Never sulk among yourselves and be deceitful in service. Don’t become an obstacle. Don’t show your weaknesses, but become the Father’s complete helpers.
  2. After there has been a quarrel with someone, that has become the past. Therefore, you mustn’t think about it. Someone may have said something or other, but you should forget it. He said the same thing in the previous cycle, so never mention it again.
Blessing:May you have pure and positive thoughts for others and by being merciful, merge the things of the past.
When someone comes to you to tell you about someone’s weaknesses of the past, then with good wishes, just step aside. Let there not be any wasteful thinking or any talk about weaknesses among yourselves. Be merciful and merge the things of the past. Merge those things and with good wishes, continue to serve that soul with your mind. Even if someone is saying, doing or listening to something wrong due to the influence of their sanskars, transform that one. Do not allow a rosary of such wasteful matters to be created of spreading from one to two to three in this way. To pay such attention means to have pure and positive thoughts.
Slogan:Be a jewel of contentment and you will be loved by God, by the people and by the self.

*** Om Shanti ***


Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 27 September 2020

Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

Be constantly loving.

Today, the Father, the Ocean of Love, has come to meet His loving children. This spiritual love makes every child an easy yogi. This love is an easy way to forget the whole of the old world. This love is the only powerful means to make every soul belong to the Father. Love is the foundation of Brahmin life. Love is the basis of the sustenance needed to create a powerful life. All the elevated souls who have arrived personally in front of the Father have come here on the basis of their love. You come flying here with the wings of love and become residents of Madhuban. BapDada was seeing all you loving children, how all of you are loving, but what is the difference between you? Why do you become numberwise? What is the reason for this? All of you are loving, but some of you are constantly loving whereas others are just loving and the third category are those who fulfil the responsibility of love according to the time. BapDada saw these three types of loving children.

Because those who are constantly loving are merged in love, they are always beyond having to make any effort or experiencing difficulty. Neither do they have to make effort nor do they experience anything to be difficult. Because they are constantly loving, the elements of nature and Maya become their servants from now on, that is, the constantly loving souls become the masters. Therefore, the elements of nature and Maya automatically become their servants. The elements of nature and Maya do not have the courage to make constantly loving souls use their time and thoughts for them. Every moment and every thought of constantly loving souls is for remembrance of the Father and for doing service. This is why Maya and the elements of nature know that such constantly loving children can never be dependent on them, even in their thoughts. They are souls who have a right to all powers. The stage of constantly loving souls is praised as of those who belong to the one Father and none other. The Father is their world.

The second type, the loving souls, definitely remain loving but, because they are not constant, their thoughts and, through them, their love sometimes goes in other directions. In transforming themselves, every now and again, they experience having to make effort and sometimes they experience difficulty, but very little. Whenever there is a subtle attack from the elements of nature or Maya, then, because of love, they have remembrance very quickly, and they very quickly transform themselves with their power of remembrance. However, some of their time and their thoughts are used in overcoming the difficulty and in making that effort. Sometimes their love becomes ordinary, and at other times they remain absorbed in love. There continues to be a difference in their stage. Nevertheless, not too much of their time or their thoughts is wasted. This is why, although they are loving, they are not constantly loving and they therefore become the second number.

The third type are those who fulfil the responsibility of love according to the time. Such souls believe that true love cannot be received from anyone except the one Father, and that this spiritual love will make you elevated for all time. They have total knowledge, that is, understanding, and they still love just this life of love. However, because of not having controlling power, due to their attachment to their own bodies or sanskars, or attachment to a particular old sanskar, attachment to the sanskar of a person or possession, or to a sanskar of having waste thoughts, they carry a burden of waste thoughts. Or, because they lack the power of the gathering, they are unable to be successful in a gathering. A situation in the gathering finishes their love and pulls them towards itself. Some of them always become disheartened very quickly. One minute, they would be flying very high, but if you look at them the next minute, they would be disheartened even with themselves. This sanskar of becoming disheartened with themselves doesn’t allow them to be constantly loving. Some type of sanskar attracts them towards situations or nature. They get into an upheaval, but then, because they experience love and love the life of love, they are nevertheless able to remember the Father. They try to become merged in the Father’s love once again. So, because of coming into upheaval according to the time and the situation, they sometimes have remembrance and sometimes are battling. Because they spend a greater part of their lives battling, their lives of being absorbed in love are then less in comparison. This is why they take the third number. Nevertheless, to be in the third number, compared with all the souls of the world, would still be said to be extremely elevated, because they have recognised the Father, they belong to the Father and the Brahmin family. They are at least called the most elevated Brahmin souls, the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. This is why, in comparison to the world, even they (the third type) are loving souls. However, in comparison to perfection, they are the third number. So, all are loving, but numberwise. The number one, constantly loving souls are constantly like lotus flowers, detached and extremely loving to the Father. Loving souls are detached and loving, but they are not powerfully victorious like the Father. They are not absorbed in love, but are loving. Their special slogan is: I belong to You and I will remain Yours. They constantly continue to sing this song. Nevertheless, they have love and they therefore remain 80% safe. However, there is still the word “sometimes” that comes in between. The word “constantly” is not used about them. The third number souls, because of repeatedly having to connect their love, also continue to make promises with love. “That’s it. From today, I will become like this. From now, I will do this.” Because they know the difference, they make promises and they make effort, but one particular sanskar or other doesn’t allow them to remain lost in love. An obstacle brings them down from their stage of being lost in love. Therefore, the word “constantly” cannot be used about them. Because they are sometimes like this and at other times like that, they still have one particular weakness or other. Such souls have very sweet heart-to-heart conversations with BapDada. They demonstrate having a lot of rights. They say: The direction is from You, but You can also do it for us, and I will attain the reward of that. They say with love and a right: Since You have made me belong to You, it is now up to You. The Father says: The Father knows, but the child should at least accept it. However, those children say with a right: Whether I accept it or not, You will have to accept me as I am. So, the Father still feels mercy for such children because they are Brahmin children after all. Therefore, He also gives special power through the instrument souls. However, some do take their power and transform themselves, whereas others, even though they receive power, they remain so lost in their own sanskars that they are unable to imbibe that power. If you give something nourishing to someone to eat and he doesn’t eat it, what would happen?

The Father gives special love and some do gradually become powerful, and change from the third type of souls to the second type. However, because some of them are very careless, they are unable to take as much as they should. All three types of children are loving children. They all have the title of being loving children, but they are numberwise.

Today, it is the turn of Germany. The whole group is number one. You are number one, close jewels, because those who are equal also remain close. No matter how far away you may be physically, you are so close to the heart that you reside in the heart. Because you reside on the Father’s heart-throne, there is automatically no one except the Father in your hearts, because in Brahmin life, the Father makes a deal with the heart. You won His heart and you gave your hearts. You made a deal with your heart, did you not? You stay with the Father in your hearts. Physically, some of you stay in one place and others in another place. If all of you were to stay here, what would you do sitting here? Even those who were living in Madhuban had to be sent out to do service. How else would the world be served? You have love for Father and for doing service. This is why, according to the drama, you have reached different places and become instruments for doing service there. So, this too is fixed as part of the drama. You have become instruments for serving your equals. Those from Germany are those who remain constantly happy. Since you are receiving the inheritance from the Father for all time so easily, why should you put aside that which you receive for all time and only take a little or for some time? The Bestower is giving, and so why should those who are taking take any less? Therefore, always continue to swing in the swing of happiness. Always be conquerors of Maya, conquerors of nature, be victorious and beat the drums of victory loudly in front of the world.

Souls nowadays are either totally intoxicated with temporary facilities or they are weary with sorrow and peacelessness and are sleeping in such a deep sleep that they don’t hear a little sound. Those who are lost in that type of intoxication have to be really shaken awake. You also really have to shake those who are fast asleep in a deep sleep to awaken them. So, what are those from Hamburg doing? It is a very good, powerful group. All of you have deep love for the Father and the study. Those who love this study remain constantly powerful. To have love for the Father, that is, for the Murlidhar (the One who speaks the murli), means to have love for the murli. If you don’t have love for the murli, there cannot be love for the Murlidhar. No matter how much they say that they love the Father, but they don’t have time for the study, the Father does not believe them. Where there is deep love, no obstacles can remain; they will automatically end. Those who have love for the study and the murli easily overcome all obstacles. With their flying stage, they go up above the obstacles which remain down below. For those who are in the flying stage, a mountain is like a stone. Those who have love for the study can have no excuses. Love enables anything difficult to become easy. Love for the murli, love for the study and love for the family become a fortress, and those who stay in this fortress remain safe. Both these specialities are making this group move forward. Because of love for the study and the family, you bring one another close with that impact. The instrument soul you have is also a loving soul (Pushpal Dadi). Love does not see the language. The language of love is more elevated than all other languages. Everyone remembers her. BapDada also remembers her. Baba is seeing very good practical proof. There is growth in service. The more expansion you continue to have, the more blessings you will continue to receive from everyone as the fruit of becoming great souls. Only charitable souls become the souls who are worthy of worship. If you do not become a charitable soul at this time, you cannot become a soul worthy of worship in the future. It is also necessary to be a charitable soul. Achcha.

Selected Questions and answers from Avyakt Murlis

Question: What is the special virtue, decoration and treasure of Brahmin life?

Answer: Contentment. When something is loved, you never leave that loved thing. Contentment is a speciality and it is a special mirror for transformation in Brahmin life. Where there is contentment, there is definitely happiness there. If there is no contentment in Brahmin life, then that is an ordinary life.

Question: What are the specialities of those who are jewels of contentment?

Answer: Those who are jewels of contentment never become discontented with themselves, with other souls, with their own sanskars or with the influence of the atmosphere. They never say: I am content, but others are making me discontent. No matter what happens, jewels can never let go of their speciality of contentment.

Question: What are the signs of those who are always content?


1. Those who always remain content are automatically loved by everyone because contentment makes you loved by the Brahmin family.

2. Others try to bring contented souls close to them and also want them to co-operate in an elevated task.

3. The speciality of contentment itself makes you a golden chancellor for a task. Such souls do not need to say or think about anything.

4. Contentment itself enables there to be harmony with everyone’s nature and sanskars. Contented souls are never afraid of anyone’s nature or sanskars.

5. Everyone loves such souls with their heart. They are worthy of receiving everyone’s love. The introduction of such souls is their contentment, and each one’s heart’s desire would be to talk to such souls and to sit with them.

6. Contented souls are constantly conquerors of Maya because they are obedient and always stay within the line of the codes of conduct. They recognise Maya from a distance.

Question: Why are you not able to recognise Maya at the right time, and why are you repeatedly deceived by her?

Answer: The reason for not recognising Maya is that you do not always follow the Father’s elevated directions. Sometimes you follow them and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you remember Him and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you have zeal and enthusiasm and sometimes you don’t. You do not always stay within the line of the directions and so Maya deceives you at that time. Maya has a lot of power of discernment and she sees when you are weak and so through that weakness she makes you belong to her. The door for Maya to enter is weakness.

Question: What is the easy way to become a conqueror of Maya?

Answer: Constantly stay with the Father. To stay with Him means automatically to stay within the line of the codes of conduct. You will then be freed from having to make effort to become free from each vice individually. When you stay with Him, then, as is the Father, so are you. You will automatically be coloured by His company, and so do not let go of the Seed or try to cut the branches. Today, I have become a conqueror of lust; the next day, I have to become a conqueror of anger. No, constantly be victorious. Simply keep the Seed with you and the seed of Maya will be burnt in such a way that no trace of it will remain.

Blessing:May you be a merciful world benefactor who gives courage and enthusiasm to every soul.
Never say to a weak soulin the Brahmin family, “You are weak”. Constantly let good words for every soul emerge from the lips of you merciful world benefactor children, not words which would dishearten anyone. No matter how weak some may be, even if you have to give them a signal or teaching, first of all make them powerful and then give them the teaching. First of all, plough the field with courage and enthusiasm and then sow the seeds, and each seed will then easily bear fruit. By doing this, the service of world benefit will become fast.
Slogan:Take blessings from the Father, and experience being constantly full.


*** Om Shanti ***

Brahmakumaris English Murli – Daily October 2020

October 2020: English Murlis

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Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 26 September 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, never have any doubt about the Father who is making you become like a diamond. To have a doubtful intellect means to cause oneself a loss.
Question:What is the main basis of passing the examination of this study for becoming a deity from a human being?
Answer:Faith: there has to be courage for the intellect to have faith. Maya breaks this courage. She makes your intellect into a doubting intellect. While moving along, if you have any doubt about this study or the Supreme Teacher who is teaching you, you cause yourself and others a great loss.
Song:You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.

Om shanti. Shiv Baba explains to the spiritual children. You children praise the Father and say: You are the Ocean of Love. He is also called the Ocean of Knowledge. Only the One is the Ocean of Knowledge. The rest are called ignorant, because this is a play about knowledge and ignorance. Only the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has knowledge. It is with this knowledge that the new world is being established. It isn’t that He creates a new world; the world is imperishable. It’s just that the old world is changed and made new. It isn’t that annihilation takes place. The whole world is never destroyed. The world is old and is being changed and made into a new world. The Father has explained that this home in which you are sitting is old. You know that we will go to the new home. Similarly, old Delhi is now going to be destroyed. A new one will be made to replace it. Now, how will it be made new? First of all, those who are worthy of staying there are needed. In the new world, there are those who are full of all virtues. You children have your aim and objective. In a school too there is an aim and objective. Those who study understand what they are going to become: “I will become a surgeon or “I will become a barrister. You understand that you have come here to change from ordinary humans into deities. No one can sit in a school without having an aim and objective. However, this school is so wonderful that, whilst understanding the aim and objective and studying, some then leave this study. They start thinking that this study is wrong, that that is not their aim and objective, that this can never happen. They also develop doubt about the One who is teaching them. Sometimes, in worldly studies, when students don’t have enough money to study, or they don’t have courage, they leave their studies. You wouldn’t say that the knowledge to become a barrister is wrong or that the one who is teaching is wrong. Here, human beings have wonderful intellects! Because you develop doubt about the study, you say that this study is wrong, that God isn’t teaching it, that you cannot claim a kingdom etc., that these are all lies. By thinking in this way, many children leave this study. Everyone would say: You claimed that God was teaching you, through which human beings change into deities. What happened then? You say: No! no! It was all lies. You say that you can’t understand the aim and objective. There were some who were studying with faith. Then, as soon as they started to have doubts, they stopped studying. How did they have faith and who then put doubts into their intellects? It would be said that if that person had still been studying, he could have claimed a high status. Many continue to study. While studying to become barristers, some drop out halfway, whereas others continue to study and become barristers. Some study and pass, whereas others fail; they then attain a low status. This is an important examination. You need a lot of courage to pass it. First, you need to have courage for your intellect to have faith. Maya is such that, one minute you have faith and the next minute, you have doubtful intellects. Many come here to study, but some have dull intellects; they pass numberwise. A list is printed in the newspapers too. It is the same here. Many come here to study. Some have good intellects and others have dull intellects. Because they have dull intellects, they develop doubt and leave. Then they cause harm to others too. It is said: Those who have doubtful intellects are led to destruction. They cannot claim a high status. If you have faith but don’t study fully, you cannot pass because your intellect is of no use. You would be unable to imbibe knowledge. You forget that you are a soul. The Father says: I am the Supreme Father of you souls. You children know that the Father has come. Some experience many obstacles and thereby develop doubt. They then say: I don’t have faith in such-and-such a teacher. No matter what the Brahmin teachers are like, you should still study, should you not? If your teacher doesn’t teach you well, you might think of freeing her from teaching you, but you still have to study. This is the Father’s study. The Supreme Teacher is teaching you. The Brahmin teachers too give His knowledge. Therefore, you have to pay attention to this study. Unless you study, you will be unable to pass the examination. However, if your faith in the Father is broken, you stop studying. While studying, if you start to have any doubts about the Teacheras to whether you will receive a certain status through Him or not, you stop studying. You then also spoil it for others. When you cause defamation, there is more harm done. A huge loss is experienced. The Father says: If anyone commits a sin here, he has to experience one hundredfold punishment, because that one would become an instrument to spoil many others. To whatever extent you had become a charitable soul, you would then become a sinful soul. You become charitable souls through this study. Only the one Father makes you into charitable souls. If some are unable to study, there is definitely something not right. They then say: Whatever is my fortune! So, what can I do? It is as though they have heartfailure. Those who came here and died a living death then go back to a living death in Ravan’s kingdom. They are unable to make their lives like a diamond. When human beings have heartfailure, they take another birth. Here, when they have heartfailure, they go to the devilish community. This is your birth of dying alive. You come here to belong to the Father, in order to go to the new world. Souls will go there. When I, a soul, renounce the consciousness of this body, it is understood that I am soul conscious. I am one thing and my body is something else. A soul leaves one body and takes another. Therefore, each soul must definitely be a separate entity. You souls understand that you are establishing heaven in Bharat by following shrimat. The art of changing humans into deities has to be learnt. You children have been told that there is no other company of the Truth. Only the one Supreme Soul is called the Truth. His name is Shiva and He alone establishes the golden age. The period of the iron age definitely has to come to an end. How the cycle of the whole world turns is very clear in the picture of the cycle. In order to become deities you belong to the Father at the confluence age. If you leave the Father, you end up in the iron age. If someone has doubts about being a Brahmin, he goes and becomes part of the shudra clan. In that case, he cannot become a deity. The Father also explains how the foundationsare being laid for the establishment of heaven. There is first the foundation ceremony and then the opening ceremony. Here, everything is incognito. You know that you are getting ready to go to heaven. There will then be no mention of hell. You definitely have to study for as long as you live, until the end. Only the one Father who purifies you is the Purifier. You children now understand that this is the confluence age, when the Father comes to purify you. You should write: It is at this most elevated confluence age that ordinary humans change into Narayan. It is also written that this is your Godly birthright. The Father is now giving you divine vision. The soul knows that this cycle of 84 has now come to an end. The Father sits here and explains to souls. The soul studies but he still becomes body conscious again and again, because there has been body consciousness for half the cycle. Therefore, it takes time to become soul conscious. The Father is sitting here and you have been given time. The lifespan of Brahma is said to be 100 years or it could be less. However, if Brahma were to leave, it doesn’t mean that establishment would not take place. You, the army, are still sitting here. The Father has given you that mantra. You do have to study. It is in your intellects how the world cycle turns. You have to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. It is by having remembrance that your sins will be absolved. On the path of devotion you have all been performing sinful acts. The two globes of the old and new worlds are in front of you. You can write: Death to the old world, the kingdom of Ravan, and victory to the new world, the path of knowledge, the kingdom of Rama. Those who were worthy of being worshipped have become worshippers. Krishna was beautiful and worthy of being worshipped. However, later on, he became an ugly worshipper in Ravan’s kingdom. It is easy to explain this. When worshipping first began, they created a huge diamond lingam. It was most valuable because the Father had made you so wealthy. He Himself is the Diamond. Therefore, He also makes souls become like diamonds. You should make a diamond image of Him and keep that, should you not? A diamond is always placed in the centre. In comparison, an emerald, etc. would not be as valuable. This is why a diamond is placed in the centre. Eight jewels are made into the beads of the rosary of victory by Him. The most value is given to a diamond. All the rest become numberwise. It is Shiv Baba who makes you this. None of these things can be explained by anyone but the Father. While studying, some are amazed at this knowledge. They say, “Baba! Baba!” Then they leave! Once you call Shiv Baba “Baba” never leave Him. Otherwise, it would be said to be your fortune! Those who don’t have much in their fortune will perform such acts that they receive one hundredfold punishment. In order to become a charitable soul, you do have to make effort. Then, when you commit sin, that sin becomes one hundredfold; you then become midgets; you can’t grow. Because one hundredfold punishment is added, your stage doesn’t become powerful. Why should you have any doubt about the Father through whom you become like diamonds? If you leave the Father for any reason, you would be called a most unfortunate soul. Wherever you may be living, you have to remember the Father and you will then be liberated from punishment. You come here to become pure from impure. Because you have performed certain types of acts in the past, there is a lot of suffering through your bodies. You are now being liberated from this for half a cycle. Check yourself to see to what extent you are progressing and serving others. You can write at the top of the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan: This is the kingdom of peace in the world, which is now being established. This is your aim and objective. There, there is one hundred percent purity, peace and happiness. There is no other religion in their kingdom. Therefore, all the religions that exist now will definitely be destroyed. Great wisdom is required to explain these things. Otherwise, you explain according to your stage. Sit in front of the pictures and think about all of these things. They have all been explained to you. Since you have understood them, you have to explain them to others. This is why Baba inspires you to open museums. “Gateway to Heaven” is a very good name. Those are the “Delhi Gate” and the “India Gate“. This is the gate to heaven. You are now opening the gates to heaven. People have become just as confused on the path of devotion as they do in a maze: no one can find the way out. Everyone has become trapped in the kingdom of Maya. The Father has now come to release you from that. Some don’t want to be released, so what can the Father do? This is why the Father says: If you want to see the most unfortunate ones, see those who stop studying here. They have doubtful intellects and kill themselves for many births. This happens when their fortune becomes spoilt. When there are bad omens, then, instead of becoming beautiful, they become ugly. It is incognito souls that study. Souls do everything through their bodies. Souls cannot do anything without bodies. It takes effort to consider yourself to be a soul. When you don’t have the faith that you are a soul, you become body conscious. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost, now-found children, love, remembrance and Good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. The teachings taught by the Supreme Teacher change us from human beings into Narayan. Have this faith and pay full attention toyour study. Don’t see the teacher who is teaching you.
  2. Make effort to become soul conscious. Since you have died a living death, let go of all consciousness of your body. Become a charitable soul. Don’t perform any sinful acts.
Blessing:May you be a master creator who gains victory over adverse situations by remaining stable on the seat of your original stage.
Adverse situations come through matter and so a situation is a creation and you, with your own stage, are a creator. A master creator or a master almighty authority cannot be defeated; it is impossible. When someone leaves his seat, he can be defeated. To leave your seat means to become powerless. On the basis of your seat, you automatically receive power. Those who get off their seat then get into the dust of Maya. BapDada’s beloved Brahmin children who have a birth in which they have died alive can never play in the dust of body consciousness.
Slogan:Determination melts away strong sanskars like wax.

*** Om Shanti ***


Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 25 September 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, have mercy on yourselves. Gallop ahead in this study. Don’t spoil your register by performing any sinful act.
Question:In order for you to pass this elevated study, what main teachings do you receive? To what must you pay special attention, in order to achieve this?
Answer:In order to pass this study, your eyes have to be very, very pure because those eyes deceive you; those eyes become criminal. When you look at someone’s body, the organs cause mischief. Therefore, your eyes must never become criminal. In order to become pure, maintain the consciousness of being brothers and sisters. Pay full attention to the pilgrimage of remembrance.
Song:Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Om shanti. Who said this? The unlimited Father said this to the unlimited children. When someone is unwell, he is given the reassurance: Have patience and all your suffering and sorrow will go away. He is reassured in this way to make him happy. Those are limited matters. Here, it is an unlimited matter. That One has so many children! He has to liberate them all from suffering and sorrow. Only you children know this. Do not forget it! The Father has come to grant everyone salvation. He is the Bestower of Salvation for All. Therefore, this means that everyone is in a degraded state. All human beings of the world, and that means the people of Bharat in particular and the people of the world in general, are included in this. You, in particular, go to the land of happiness. All the rest go to the land of peace. It enters your intellects that you truly were in the land of happiness and that those of other religions were in the land of peace. Baba came and made Bharat into the land of happiness. Therefore, advertise it in this way. Explain that incorporeal Shiv Baba comes every 5000 years. He is the Father of everyone and all are brothers. It is brothers who make effort to claim their inheritance from the Father. It isn’t that fathers make this effort. If all were fathers, from whom would they claim their inheritance? From brothers? That is not possible. You now understand how easy these things are. In the golden age, there is just the one deity religion. All the rest of the souls will have gone to the land of liberation. It is said: The repetition of the history and geography of the world takes place. Therefore, it must be the same history and geography that is repeated. After the iron age, there will be the golden age. Between the two, there is definitely the confluence age. This is called the supreme, most elevated, benevolent age. The locks on your intellects have now opened and you therefore understand that these are very easy things. There is the new world and the old world. There would surely be many leaves on an old tree and few leaves on a new tree. That is called the satopradhan world and this is the tamopradhan world. The locks on your intellects open, numberwise, according to the efforts you make. Because not all of you remember the Father accurately, you are unable to imbibe knowledge. The Father inspires everyone to make effort, but it is not in the fortune of some. According to the drama, those who study well and teach others, those who become the Father’s helpers in every situation, are the ones who will claim a high status. Students in a school can understand how many marks they are going to pass with. Those who are fast effort makers make effort with full force. Teachers are appointed to give them special tuition so that they pass no matter what happens. Here, too, you have to gallop ahead a great deal. Each of you has to have mercy on yourself! If you were to ask Baba what status you would claim if you left your body in your present stage, Baba could instantly tell you. This is a very easy thing to understand. Just as worldly students are able to understand, so you unlimited students can understand this. You can use your intellects to understand that you are repeatedly making the same mistakes and performing sinful acts. If you spoil your register your result is going to be according to that. Each one of you should keep your own register. In fact, according to the drama, everything is recorded. You can even understand for yourself when your register is very bad. If you can’t understand, then Baba can show you. Registers, etc. are kept in a school. No one in the world knows about this school. This school is called the Gita Pathshala. “Vedas Pathshala” is never said. No one says that there is a pathshala (study place) of the Vedas, the Upanishads or the Granth, etc. In a pathshala, there is an aim and objective: this is what we will become in the future. When someone studies the Vedas and scriptures a great deal, he receives a title and also earns an income. Some earn a lot of money but that is not an imperishable income; it doesn’t go with them. This true income will go with you and everything else will be destroyed. You children know that you are earning a lot of income. We can become the masters of the world. There is the sun dynasty. Therefore, the children would definitely receive the throne. The status is very high. You never even dreamt that you could make effort to claim a royal status. This is called Raj Yoga. Other yogas are to become a barrister or a doctor. They remember their studies and their teacher. It is the same here : easy remembrance. It is remembrance that takes effort. You have to consider yourselves to be bodiless souls. Each soul is filled with sanskars. Many who come here say that they used to worship Shiv Baba, but they didn’t know why they worshipped Him. Only Shiva is called Baba. None of the others are called Baba. Hanuman and Ganesh, etc. are worshipped, but Brahma is not worshipped, although there is a temple to him in Ajmer. A few brahmin priests there probably worship him, but there is no praise of him. There is so much praise of Krishna and Lakshmi and Narayan. There is no mention of Brahma, because Brahma is impure at this time. The Father comes and adopts him. This is very easy. So, the Father explains to you children in various ways. Keep it in your intellects that Shiv Baba is saying this. He is the Father, the Teacher and the Guru. Shiv Baba, the Ocean of Knowledge, is teaching us. You children have now become trikaldarshi; each of you has received a third eye of knowledge. You understand that souls are imperishable. The Father of souls is eternal. No one in the world knows this. All of them simply call out: Baba, come and purify us impure ones. They never called out to Him to come and tell them the history and geography of the world. The Father Himself comes and tells you this. He also tells you how you change from impure to pure, how you then become impure again and how history repeats. This is the cycle of 84 births. Why did we become impure and where do we want to go, when we become pure? People go to sannyasis, etc. and ask how they can have peace of mind. They don’t ask how they can become completely viceless and pure. They feel too ashamed to ask that. The Father has now explained: All of you are devotees and I am God, the Bridegroom. You are brides. All of you remember Me. I, the Traveller, am very beautiful. I make all the human beings of the world beautiful. Heaven is called the wonder of the world. Here, they have seven wonders. There, there is just the one wonder of the world, heaven. The Father is only one, heaven is only one. All human beings remember heaven. Here, there are no wonders. You children have patience, because you know that your days of happiness are now coming. You children understand that this old world is to be destroyed and that you will receive the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom is not yet established. Yes, subjects continue to be created. You children discuss among yourselves how service can increase and how everyone can receive the message. The Father establishes the original, eternal, deity religion and inspires the destruction of all others. You have to remember such a Father, who gives us the right to the tilak of sovereignty and inspires the destruction of everything else. Natural calamities are also fixed in the drama. The world cannot be destroyed without them. The Father says: Your examination is now very close. You have to be transferred from the land of death to the land of immortality. The more you study well and also teach others, the higher the status you will claim. You have to create your own subjects. You have to make effort to benefit everyone. Charity begins at home! This is the law. First, only your friends, relatives and people of your community will come and then the public will come. It happened like that in the beginning. There was gradual expansion and then a large house called Om Niwas was built for the children to live in. Children came and began to study there. All of that was fixed in the drama. It will all repeat again; no one can change it. This study is so elevated! The pilgrimage of remembrance is the main thing. The eyes are the main organs that deceive you. When the eyes become criminal, the physical organs of the body cause mischief. When someone sees a beautiful girl, he becomes trapped by her. There are many cases like that in the world. Even gurus sometimes have criminal vision. Here, the Father says: There must be no criminal vision whatsoever! Only when you live as brothers and sisters will you be able to remain pure. People know nothing about this. Therefore, they just make fun of you. These things are not mentioned in the scriptures. The Father says: This knowledge disappears, and then those scriptures etc. are created again in the copper age. The Father says: The main thing is to remember Alpha so that your sins are absolved. Consider yourselves to be souls. Having gone around the cycle of 84 births, you have now come here. You souls are now becoming deities. It is a wonder how an imperishable part of 84 births is recorded in a tiny soul. Only the Father comes and tells you about such wonders of the world. Some have parts of 84 births and others have parts of 50 to 60 births. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has also received a part. According to the drama, it is an eternal, imperishable drama. One cannot say when it began or when it will end, because it is an eternal, imperishable drama. No one knows these things. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and Good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. The time for the examination is coming very close. Therefore, make effort to bring benefit to yourself and everyone else. Study and also teach others. Charity begins at home!
  2. Become soul conscious and accumulate a true imperishable income for yourself. Keep your own register. Never perform any sinful acts that would spoil your register.
Blessing:May you have the awareness of being an instrument and become doublelight and so close the gates to Maya.
Those who always move along while considering themselves to be instruments automatically experience the double-light stage. Have this awareness “Karankaravanhar is inspiring me and I am an instrument”, and you will experience success. To have the consciousness of “I” means to open the gates to Maya. To consider yourself to be an instrument means to close the gates to Maya. By considering yourself to be an instrument, you become a conqueror of Maya and you also become double-light. Along with this, you also achieve success. This awareness becomes the basis of claiming number one.
Slogan:Perform every act while being trikaldarshi and you will easily achieve success.

*** Om Shanti ***


Today Murli Brahma Kumaris: 24 September 2020

Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, in order to become charitable souls, perform as many good acts as possible, become all-rounders and imbibe divine virtues.
Question:By making which effort do you children become multimillionaires?
Answer:The greatest effort is to make your criminal eyes civil. Your eyes deceive you a great deal. The Father has shown you the way to make your eyes civil: Childrenmake your vision soul conscious. Do not see bodies. Make this practice firm: I am a soul. By making this effort, you will become multimillionaires for birth after birth.
Song:Have patience, o mind! Your days of happiness are about to come.

Om shanti. Who said this? Shiv Baba said it through this body. A soul without a body cannot speak. The Father too enters a body and explains to souls: Children, you no longer have any physical connections. This connection is spiritual. You souls receive knowledge from the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. All of you bodily beings are studying. The Father doesn’t have a body of His own; He has therefore taken the support of this body for a short time. The Father now says: Sit here with the faith that you are souls, that the unlimited Father is explaining to us souls. No one, other than He, can explain to you in this way. How would souls explain to souls? Souls need the Supreme Soul to explain to them. No one knows Him. They have removed Shiva from the Trimurti. Who carries out establishment through Brahma? Brahma is not the Creator of the new world. The Creator, the unlimited Father of all, is only the one Shiv Baba. It is only at this time that Brahma becomes your father; he doesn’t become this at any other time. There (in the golden age), you just have physical fathers. In the iron age, there are your physical fathers and the Father from beyond this world. Now, at the confluence age, there are three fathers: the physical, the subtle and the One from beyond. The Father says: No one in the land of happiness remembers Me. The Father made them into the masters of the world, so why should they call out? There are no other countries there. There is only the sun dynasty there; the moon dynasty comes later. The Father says: Children, have patience! Only a few more days remain. Make effort very well. If you don’t imbibe divine virtues your status will be destroyed. This is a huge lottery. To become a barrister, a surgeon etc. is also a lottery. They earn a lot of money. They give directions to many. Those who study well and also teach others claim a high status. By remembering the Father your sins will be absolved. You forget the Father again and again. Maya makes you forget to have remembrance, but she doesn’t make you forget knowledge. The Father says: In order to make progress, keep your chart to see whether you performed any sinful acts throughout the whole day. Otherwise, there will be one hundred-fold sin accumulated. Those who take care of this sacrificial fire are also here. Therefore, do everything with their advice. You say: Whatever You feed us and wherever You make us sit! Therefore, renounce all other desires. Otherwise, sin will continue to accumulate. How can you souls become pure? Don’t perform any sinful acts in this sacrificial fire. You become charitable souls here. To steal something is a sin. When Maya interferes, you are unable to stay in yoga or imbibe knowledge. Ask your own heart: If I don’t become a stick for the blind, then, what am I? I too would be called blind! It is of this time that the children of Dhritarashtra (blind king of the Kauravas) are remembered. Those people are in the kingdom of Ravan whereas you are at the confluence age. You are going to attain happiness in the kingdom of Rama. It doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect how the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, gives happiness. No matter how well you explain, it still doesn’t sit in anyone’s intellect. Only when they consider themselves to be souls can they understand this knowledge given by the Supreme Soul. Souls become something according to the efforts they make. It is remembered: Whatever you remember in your final moments…. The Father says: Those who remember Me will attain Me. Otherwise, they will come after experiencing a lot of punishment. They won’t come into the golden age, but at the end of the silver age. The golden and silver ages are called the day of Brahma. It is not just Brahma alone; Brahma has many children. There is the day of Brahmins and then there is the night of Brahmins. The Father has now come to change the night into the day. You Brahmins are making preparations to go into the day. The Father explains so much; the deity religion is definitely going to be established. The destruction of the iron age is definitely going to take place. Those who have any doubt inside them will run away. First of all, they have faith and then they develop doubt. They die here and take birth in the old world again; they disappear. The Father’s shrimat has to be followed. Baba gives you children many good points. First of all, say: You are a soul, not a body. Otherwise, the whole lottery will be lost. Although the kings and the subjects are all happy there, you still have to make effort to claim a high status. Don’t think that you will go into the land of happiness anyway. No; you also have to claim a high status. You have come here to become kings. Therefore, such sensible ones are also needed. You have to do the Father’s service. If you can’t do spiritual service, there is also physical service. Sometimes, even males conduct classes among themselves. A sister then goes and conducts class there every now and then. The tree continues to grow gradually. So many go to the centres. Nevertheless, after moving along, they disappear. By falling into vice, they feel too ashamed to go to their centre; they become slack. It is as though they have become ill. The Father continues to explain everything. Keep a daily chart for yourself. There is your profit and loss account. A soul becoming pure means that he is accumulating a profit for 21 births. It is only by having remembrance of the Father that you will accumulate that and have your sins cut away. They say: O Purifier, Baba, come and purify us! They don’t say: Come and make us into the masters of the world. No. Only you children know this. Liberation and liberation-in-life are both pure worlds. You know that you receive the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life. Those who don’t study well will come at the end. You have to go to heaven. Everyone will come at his own time. Everything is explained to you. You can’t understand everything instantly. Here, you have so much time to remember the Father. Tell whomever comes: First of all, consider yourself to be a soul. The Father, who is the Father of all souls, gives you this knowledge. You have to become soul conscious. Souls receive knowledge. It is only by remembering the Father, the Supreme Soul, that your sins are absolved. He then gives you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Only by remembering the Creator will your sins be burnt away. Then, by understanding the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation, you become rulers of the globe. That’s all! You have to relate this knowledge to others. You also have the pictures. You should keep this knowledge in your intellects throughout the day; you are students. Many householders are also students. You have to become like lotus flowers while living at home. Brothers and sisters must never have criminal eyes for one another. You are the mouth-born creation of Brahma. In order to make your criminal eyes civil, you have to make a lot of effort. You have had that habit for half the cycle and you therefore need to make a lot of effort to remove it. Everyone writes that the point about the criminal eyes that Baba speaks of is very strong. Our intellects are drawn again and again and many thoughts arise. What should we do with our eyes? There is the example of Surdas. That is just a story they made up. He realized that his eyes were deceiving him and so he removed them. It isn’t like that. Everyone has eyes, but it is criminal eyes that have to be made civil. Those people think that that is impossible while living at home. The Father says: It is possible. There is a lot of income to be earned. You become multimillionaires for birth after birth. There, you don’t count anything. At this time, Baba gives you the titles “Padampati, Padmavati” (Mr. and Mrs. Multimillionaire). You become multimillionaires. There is no counting there. You only count when there are rupees and coins etc. There, they only use gold and silver coins. Previously, there used to be gold and silver coins belonging to the kingdom of Rama and Sita. There is no mention of the coins of the kingdom of the golden age. Only moon-dynasty coins have been seen. At first there only used to be gold and silver coins; copper coins emerged later. You children are now once again claiming your inheritance from the Father. Whatever customs and systems are to continue in the golden age, they will continue. Now, you just have to make effort for yourselves. There will be very few in the golden age and they will have long lifespans. There is no untimely death there. You understand that you are conquering death. There is no mention of dying there. That is called the land of immortality and this is called the land of death. There are no cries of distress in the land of immortality. When old people die there, they experience happiness because they know that they are going to become little babies. Here, when someone dies, they start to cry. You are receiving such good knowledge. You have to imbibe it very well, because you also have to explain to others. When someone says to Baba that he wants to do spiritual service, Baba instantly says: Yes, you may do that. Baba doesn’t forbid anyone. However, if there isn’t any knowledge, there is ignorance. Then, because of ignorance, a lot of disservice takes place. You have to serve very well. Only then will you win the lottery. The lottery is very grand. This is God’s lottery. When you become kings and queens, your grandchildren will continue to be nourished by you. Here, everyone receives the fruit of his own actions. Some donate a lot and thus become kings. The Father explains everything to you children. Understand everything very well and imbibe it. You also have to do service. Hundreds of people are being served. In some cases, there are people who have very good devotional feelings. When they have done a lot of devotion, they also enjoy knowledge. You can understand everything from their faces. They become happy just by listening to everything. Those who don’t understand continue to look around or sit with their eyes closed. Baba sees everything. If you don’t teach others, it means you haven’t understood anything. Some listen through one ear and let it out of the other. This is the time to claim your unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. The more you claim from Him now, the more you will receive for birth after birth and cycle after cycle. Otherwise, there will be great repentance at the end. Everyone will have visions at that time. Because you didn’t study fully, you will be unable to claim a status. What will you then become? Maids, servants or ordinary subjects. A kingdom is being established. The fruit you receive is according to what you do. Only you make effort for the new world. People make donations and perform charity for this world. That is a common thing. When they do something good, they receive good fruit for that in their next birth. Yours is a matter of 21 births. Perform as many good acts as possible. Become all-rounders. First of all, you have to become a gyani and a yogi soul. You need to be gyani, because it is the maharathis who are invited to give lectures. Those who do all types of service definitely accumulate charity. There are the different subjects. You receive good marks for whatever type of work you do while you remain in yoga. Ask your heart: Do I do service? Or, do I just eat and sleep? Here, this is a study and nothing else. You are becoming deities from ordinary humans, Narayan from an ordinary human being. This is the story of immortality and the story of the third eye. The stories that all human beings now go and listen to are false. No one but the Father can give you a third eye. Each of you has now received a third eye through which you know the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. Kumars and kumaris should go ahead in this study. You also have the pictures. You can ask anyone: Who is the God of the Gita? This is the main thing. There is only one God from whom you receive your inheritance of the land of liberation. We are residents of that place. We came here to play our parts. How can we now become pure? Only the one Father is the Purifier. As you children make progress, your stage will become very good. The Father continues to explain in many different ways. First of all, remember the Father so that your sins of many births are erased. Ask your heart: How much do I remember the Father? It is good to keep your chart. Make progress! Have mercy on yourself and continue to examine your own behaviour. If we continue to make mistakes, the register will be spoilt. Your behaviour has to be divine in this. It is remembered: We will only eat whatever you feed us. We will only sit wherever you seat us. We will only do whatever directions you give us. Directions are definitely given through a body. “Gateway to Heaven”. These words are very good. This is the gate to go to heaven. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and Good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to become a charitable soul, let go of all desires and make it firm for yourself: “Baba, whatever You feed us, wherever You make us sit”. Don’t perform any sinful acts.
  2. In order to win God’s lottery, keep busy doing spiritual service. Imbibe knowledge and inspire others to do the same. In order to claim good marks, remain in remembrance while performing every act.
Blessing:May you be a soul who is merged in love and filled with love and attainment and, with arrows of love, make others unconscious with love.
In a worldly way, when someone is absorbed in someone’s love, you feel from his or her face, eyes and words that that one is merged in love, that that one is in love. In the same way, when you go onto a stage, however much love for the Father is merged in you, arrows of love will accordingly make others unconscious with love. Thinking of a link repeating points – let this not be your form. Instead, let there be the form of being merged in love, being filled with love and attainment. When you speak as an authority, it has an impact.
Slogan:By attaining completion and perfection, bring the time of completion close.

*** Om Shanti ***

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