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Avyakt BapDada
Om Shanti

The basis of fortune is renunciation.

Today, BapDada, the Bestower of Fortune, was seeing both the fortune and the renunciation of all His children. What have you renounced and what fortune have you attained? You know that in return for one-fold renunciation, you receive a return of multimillion-fold fortune. When children who know the deep meaning of renunciation, renounce even a little, a very clear and long line of fortune is drawn. There are different stages of renunciation. In fact, your becoming Brahma Kumars and Kumaris is also a renunciation and, in return for this, you have received the fortune of a Brahmin life. In this respect, just as all of you are called Brahmins, so too, all of you have become souls who have practiced renunciation. However, there is a number in renunciation and there is therefore also a number in attaining your fortune. All of you are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, but someone becomes the number one bead of the rosary and someone else becomes the last number bead, even though all are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. All of you have renounced your shudra life, so why is there a difference between the first number and the last number? Whether someone is moving along whilst living at home as a trustee, or whether someone has become free from the household and, and is living as a server at a centre, whether someone is a trustee or a server, both types of Brahmin souls are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. The surname of both is the same, but the basis of the fortune of both is their renunciation. It cannot be said that to become a server and live at a centre is the most elevated renunciation or fortune. Even trustee souls can claim very good number s in the rosary through their attitude of renunciation. But a trustee has to be one who is truthful and has a clean and honest heart. Both have a right to attain their fortune, but the basis of drawing a line of elevated fortune is to have elevated thoughts and to perform elevated actions. Whether you are a trustee soul or a server soul, both of you can claim a number on this basis. Both of you have full authority to create your fortune. You can create whatever fortune you want to whatever extent you want. At the confluence age, according to the drama, time has received a blessing from the Bestower of Blessings. Anyone who has the desire can become one with an elevated fortune. To become a Brahma Kumar or Kumari means that you bring your fortune with you from birth. The moment you take birth, your star of fortune is sparkling on the forehead of each one of you. This has become your birthright: to be a Brahmin means to be fortunate. However, the extent to which you increase the birthright that you have attained, or make the star of your fortune sparkle even more or make it elevated, depends on your own efforts. To imbibe and use in your practical life the rights of fortune you have received in your practical life means to increase the property you have received from the Father; earning it or using it up depends on each one. As soon as you take birth, BapDada gives all of you the same property of fortune and the same elevated blessing: “May you be fortunate”. All of you children are given the same title: Long-lost and now-found, beloved, lovely child. He hasn’t said to some: “You are a long-lost and now-found child” and to others “You are not a long-lost and now-found child!” However, your number is created by looking after the property and increasing it. It isn’t that Baba gives ten times multi-millionfold to the servers and only two times multi-millionfold to the trustees. He says: All of you are multi-million times fortunate. However, to look after the treasure of fortune means that you imbibe it whereas to increase the treasure of fortune means to use it for service through your thoughts, words and actions. It is in this way that a number is created. All of you are servers. All of you are embodiments of dharna – but you are numberwise in becoming that. Some have become full of all virtues and some have become full of some virtues. Some are constant embodiments of dharna and some are sometimes embodiments of dharna and at other times embodiments of fluctuation. When they adopt one virtue, they are not then able to use another virtue at the same time. For instance, you may need the power to tolerate and the power to accommodate at the same time. If you simply imbibe the power or virtue of tolerance but are not able to use the power to accommodate at the same time, and then say, “Well, I have tolerated that for so long; is this a small thing? Only I know how much I have tolerated”. So, if after tolerating it, you were unable to accommodate it, and you didn’t use the power to accommodate, what would happen? You would speak about it here and there that that one did this and that you did that. So, you definitely performed a wonder (kamaal) in tolerating it, but you spoke of the wonder you performed and turned it into chaotic confusion (dhamaal). This is because, by speaking about it, you first become body conscious, and secondly you think about others. You do both of these things. In this way, if you imbibe one virtue and not the other, you are then unable to become the an embodiment of dharna that you want to become. Because of this you are not always able to imbibe the treasures you have received, that is, you are unable to look after them. Not looking after them means you have wasted them. Some look after them and others lose them. There would be a number then, would there not? To use something for service in this way means to increase the property of fortune. In this too, all of you do service, but there is a difference between serving with a true heart and with true love and serving as a server. Some serve with a true heart, whereas others serve from their head. So, there would be a difference, would there not?

There is the difference of day and night between doing service on the basis of having a powerful brain with many points and serving with an honest heart. Those who serve with their hearts will make others belong to Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts. Those who serve with their heads will only teach others how to speak and make others speak. One churns and the other one simply speaks. One is a server who truly serves as a server and the other is one who serves just to earn a name for themselves. So, there is a difference, is there not? Whoever true servers serve will be given the experience of the instant fruit of attainment. Those who serve simply to earn a name will at that time attain a good name for themselves in the form of praise: “You explained that very well, you spoke very well”. However, they wouldn’t be able to give the experience of the fruit of attainment. So, there is a difference, is there not? In this way, one serves with true love and the other serves as a duty. Those who serve with true love won’t be able to stay without enabling others to forget a connection of love. Those who serve just as a duty will finish their work and complete the week’s course and give them the yoga course, the dharna course and even bring them to the point of listening to the murli, but they will not consider it to be their responsibility to enable the love of that soul to become connected to the Father. He would give course after course, but would not fill souls with any force but would think that he has made a lot of effort. However, it is a law that only those who have deep love for service are able to connect the love of others. So, do you understand the difference? This is to increase the property that you have received. Due to this, to the extent that you look after it and to the extent that you increase it, you accordingly claim a number ahead. The Bestower of Fortune distributed the same fortune to everyone, but some become those who earn and some become those who waste. Some become those who use everything up and finish it. This is why there are two types of rosary and why it is numberwise in each rosary. Do you understand how the numbers are created? So BapDada was seeing the fortune of renunciation. The wonderful game of renunciation is also unending. Baba will tell you about that at some other time. Achcha.

To those who have an elevated fortune, to the true servers who constantly increase their line of fortune though elevated thoughts and elevated actions, to those who constantly bring all the virtues and all the powers into their lives, to those who give every soul instant fruit, that is, to those who make every soul an embodiment of attainment, to the elevated renunciates and those with an elevated fortune who constantly look after and increase the rights and treasures they have received from the Father, to the constant servers who are embodiments of dharna, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups: Constantly keep this aim in your awareness: A Brahmin becomes an angel and an angel becomes a deity.

Do all of you consider yourselves to be Brahmins and therefore angels? Do you remember that you are now Brahmins and that you will become angels from Brahmins and that those angels will then become deities? To become an angel means that whilst in a corporeal body you stay in the form of light, that is, with your intellect you remain constantly in the stage up above. Angels don’t set foot on the ground. How will you stay up above? With the intellect. Let the foot of the intellect always be in an elevated stage. Are you becoming such angels, or have you already become those? You are Brahmins anyway. If you weren’t Brahmins, you wouldn’t have got permission to come here. However, to what extent have you Brahmins adopted the angelic stage? Angels are shown with bodies of light. The more you consider yourself to be a soul, an embodiment of light, the more you consider yourself to be as light as you walk and move around, the more you will feel as though you are an angel walking in a body of light. An angel means to be one who has no connection with the awareness of his own body. To break your connection with body consciousness – not from the body, but from the consciousness of the body – means to be an angel. When your connection with the body is broken, you will then leave here. However, at the moment, your connection with the consciousness of the body has to be broken. You will then love this life a great deal and Maya will not attract you in any way. Achcha.

2. Maintain th is self-respect: We are the flowers of Allah’s (God’s) garden.

Do you constantly move along while considering yourself to be a flower of BapDada’s, that is, of Allah’s garden? Ask yourself: Am I constantly a spiritual rose who is constantly spreading spiritual fragrance? Everyone finds rose fragrance very sweet and it spreads everywhere. That is something physical and perishable whereas you are true imperishable roses. So, do you constantly keep spreading the imperishable fragrance of spirituality? Constantly maintain this self-respect: We have become the flowers of Allah’s garden. No other self-respect is greater than this. “Wah my elevated fortune!” Continue to sing this song. You have made a deal with the Innocent Lord and so you have become clever, have you not? Who did you make yours? Who did you make a deal with? How big a deal did you make? You claimed all three worlds in your deal. In today’s world, even the wealthiest of all cannot make such a big deal. You are such elevated souls. Continue to move along while keeping this greatness in your awareness.

3. The duty of Brahmins is to donate happiness and to become great donors.

The greatest treasure of all is the treasure of happiness. You generally donate the treasure you have. You simply have to continue to donate the treasure of happiness and those you give happiness to will repeatedly thank you. When you donate happiness to unhappy souls, they will sing your praise. Be a great donor and share the treasure of happiness. Awaken those who are like you and show them the path. There is no Brahmin life without service. If there is no service, there is no happiness therefore remain busy in service. Definitely donate to someone or other. Let it be that you cannot even sleep without having donated something.

Question: Which children can be threaded around BapDada’s neck in the form of a garland?

Answer: Those who have around their necks, that is, those from those whose mouths the Father’s virtues, the knowledge that the Father has given and the Father’s praise constantly emerge, and who only relate what the Father has spoken. Only such children become a garland around BapDada’s neck and remain garlanded around His neck.

Blessing:May you be constantly free from obstacles and have success in all tasks with the power of silence and by harmonise your sanskars.
Only those who see the Father and follow the Father can be constantly free from obstacles. Fluctuation only comes when you see a sister or brother. So, now follow the Father, make your sanskars exactly like those of the Father and perform the dance of harmonising your sanskars and you will remain constantly free from obstacles. No matter how big an obstacle may be, with the power of silence and by your remaining quiet, it can easily be removed and all tasks will automatically be accomplished.
Slogan:One who doesn’t see a situation in terms of one aspect and who considers there to be benefit in every situation is called trikaldarshi.


*** Om Shanti ***
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TODAY MURLI 18 May 2017 DAILY MURLI (English)


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Morning Murli
Om Shanti
Essence:Sweet children, if you want to be part of the rosary of victory, become those whose intellects have the faith that the incorporeal Father is teaching us and that He will take us back with Him. Do not allow any doubt about this to come.
Question:What are the main signs of the children who are to become victorious jewels?
Answer:They never have doubt about any aspect; their intellects have faith. They have the faith that 1). This is the time of the confluence, when the land of sorrow is to end and the land of happiness is to come. 2). The Father is teaching us Raja Yoga. He will make us soul conscious and take us back with Him. He is speaking to us souls and we are sitting personally in front of Him. 3). God is our Father; because He is teaching us Raja Yoga, He is therefore our Teacher and because He takes us to the land of peace, He is also our Satguru. Those whose intellects have such faith will become victorious in every way.
Song:Having found You we have found everything. The earth and sky all belong to us.


Om shanti. The Father has already explained the meaning of ‘Om shanti’ to the children. Everything has to be understood in a second. Just as you children say “Om”, that is, “I am a soul and this is my body”, in the same way, the Father says: I am the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Resident of the supreme region. The Father and the children can both say: Om; the original religion of myself, this soul, as well as of the Supreme Soul, is peace. You know that souls are residents of the land of peace. You come down from there onto the field of action to play your parts. You also know what the form of a soul is and what the Father’s form is. No one else in the human world knows this. The Father comes and explains this. You children explain that your Father is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul; He is the Teacher and He is also your true Supreme Satguru. He will take us back with Him. Many people adopt gurus. You children now have the faith that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is also the Father, that He is giving us the knowledge of easy Raja Yoga, and that He will afterwards take us home with Him. Only when there is faith will you children have victory. You will be part of the rosary of victory, the rosary of Rudra and the rosary of Vishnu. God speaks: I teach you children Raja Yoga, and so I am also the Teacher. You have to receive instructions. The instructions of a father, teacher and guru are all different. Many different instructions are given. The instructions here are for everyone; there is no doubt about this. You understand: We are a family, the clan of God. God, the Father, is the Creator. They even sing: You are the Mother and Father and we are Your children. Therefore, this is definitely a family. Only in Bharat do they sing about this. That is a thing of the past. Now, at present, you have become His children and you receive instructions from Him. Baba, we follow Your shrimat so that our sins will be cut away with the power of yoga. The Father is called the Purifier, the Almighty Authority. There is only one Father. Definitely, He is called the Mother and the Father. You are studying Raja Yoga with Him. You claim such an inheritance from Him that there is no trace of sorrow for half a cycle. That is the land of happiness. The Father comes when it is the time for the land of sorrow to end, which is the time of the confluence. You know that Baba is teaching us Raja Yoga. He makes us soul conscious and then takes us back with Him. It is not a human being that is teaching you; the incorporeal Father is teaching you. He is talking to you souls. There is nothing to doubt or be confused about in this. You are sitting in front of Him. You know that you were deities and on the pure family path at that time. You have completed your part s of 84 births. You have taken 84 births. It is also said: Souls were separated from the Supreme Soul for a long period of time. At the beginning of the golden age, there are only deities and, by the end of the iron age, they have become impure; They have taken the full 84 births. The Father shows the account. The religion of sannyasis is separate. There is a variety of religions in the tree. The first, the foundation, is the deity religion. The deity religion cannot be established by a human being. The deity religion has now disappeared but it is being established once again and you experience the reward of that in the golden age. It is a very great income. You children earn a true income from the Father in return for which you receive constant happiness in the land of truth. So you have to pay attention. The Father doesn’t ask you to leave your home and family; that is for sannyasis who have disinterest. The Father says: That would be wrong because the world cannot benefit from that. Nevertheless, the religion of sannyasis in Bharat is good. The sannyas religion is established in order to sustain Bharat, because the deities fall onto the path of sin. When a building becomes half old, it is renovated. After a year or two it is repainted etc. Some think that they will invoke Lakshmi. However, it is only when everything is pure that she will come. They worship Mahalakshmi on the path of devotion in order to receive wealth from her. They never ask Jagadamba (World Mother) for wealth; they ask Lakshmi for wealth. At the time of Deepmala (festival of lights), business people worship money, because they think that by doing so it will increase, or that the desires of their hearts will be fulfilled. They simply hold a gathering for Jagadamba. The gatherings are held in order to meet this Jagadpita and Jagadamba. This is the true gathering through which there is benefit, whereas at those gatherings they wander around a lot. Sometimes their boat sinks and sometimes their bus has an accident; they stumble a lot. There is a lot of interest in the gatherings of devotion, because they have heard that a meeting between souls and God takes place at the gathering. Therefore, this meeting is famous, and it is later celebrated on the path of devotion. This is a competition between Rama and Ravan, and so the Father explains very well: You mustn’t become unconscious. Rama and Ravan are both almighty authorities. You are on a battlefield. Some are defeated by Maya again and again. The Father says: If you remember Me, the Master, you will never be defeated. You gain victory by having remembrance of the Father. Knowledge is understood within a second, but the Father also explains the details of how the world cycle turns. You children are know the Seed and the tree in a nutshell. This is called the kalpa tree. Its lifespan cannot be hundreds of thousands of years. This is the tree of the variety of religions. One religion is not the same as any other; they are all completely different. The people of Islam are also different. Among them too, there is a great deal of wealth. Everyone chases after wealth. The features of the people of Bharat are completely different. This is the tree of the variety of religions. You understand how expansion takes place. It is compared to a banyan tree, for you can see in a practical way that its foundation has gone. The other religions remain but there is no deity religion. In Calcutta, you can see a tree that is fully grown and full of leaves, but it has no foundation. This one doesn’t have a foundation either. This is why establishment is now taking place. You children understand that the play is about to end. We now have to return home to Baba. You will come to Me. You also know that no land except Bharat can become heaven. They even speak of ancient Bharat. However, they have put Krishna’s name in the Gita. The Father says: No one can call Krishna the Purifier. They only accept the incorporeal One to be that. Krishna is the prince of the golden age. Krishna will only exist with that name and form in the golden age; he cannot have the same features again. Each one’s features are different. Each one’s actions are also different. This is an eternal drama. Each soul has his own part. Souls are imperishable, but bodies are perishable. I, the soul, shed a body and take the next. No one has knowledge of the soul. The Father comes and speaks new things. He says: You are My long-lost and now-found children. The children also say: Baba, it has been 5000 years since we last met You. Through the power of yoga, you became the masters of the whole world. The first violence is the use of the sword of lust on one another. It has also been explained that no one can become a master of the world through physical strength, but that you become that through the power of yoga. However, in the scriptures, they have shown a battle between the deities and the devils. There is no such thing. Here, you gain victory with the power of yoga which you received from the Father. The Father is the Creator of the world, so He definitely establishes a new world. Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of the new world. We too were the masters of heaven, and then, while taking 84 births, we became impure, worth not a penny. We are now the ones who have to become pure. There are many devotees, but which of them have done the most devotion? Those who become Brahmins must have performed devotion from its beginning. They are the ones who become Brahmins. Prajapita (Father of People) cannot exist in the subtle region, because Brahma, whom Baba enters, is needed here. You understand that the Mama and Baba here are also up there. These things have to be understood very clearly. Baba continues to give directions about different ways of doing service. Children invent new things. If someone invents something new, it is said that it must have been invented a cycle ago as well. Then improvements are made to it. The globe of heaven and hell which has been created is very good. Krishna is loved by everyone, but they do not know that he becomes Narayan. You now have to explain this tactfully. The picture of this globe of yours should be very large. It should reach from the floor to the ceiling, and it should include a picture of Narayan as well as Krishna. People can see large things easily. They have created huge images of the Pandavas. You are the Pandavas but there isn’t anyone here as huge as that. They are the same as six foot tall human beings. Don’t think that, because the lifespan in the golden age is long, people there will have tall bodies. That would not suit human beings. So, large pictures are needed in order to explain. Create a first-class picture of the golden age and include the picture of Lakshmi and Narayan and also Radhe and Krishna beneath them. They are a prince and princess. This cycle continues to turn. Brahma and Saraswati become Lakshmi and Narayan. We Brahmins become deities. We now know that we will become Lakshmi and Narayan and that we will later become Rama and Sita. We will rule the kingdom. Anyone to whom you children explain such pictures will experience great pleasure and say: This knowledge is first-class. Hatha yogis definitely cannot give this knowledge. In the golden age, there was the pure household path, whereas it is now impure. No one except the Father can give the unlimited inheritance. You understand that Baba is teaching us to make us into the masters of the world. You should imbibe this well. People become very elevated by studying. You too are at present those with stone intellects and hunchbacked, but the Father is now teaching you and you will become the masters of the world again through this study. Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father now says: Consider yourself to be bodiless. You came bodiless and you have to return bodiless. You know that your cycle of 84 births is coming to an end. It is so wonderful! A tiny soul contains such a huge part which can never be erased. The part has no beginning or end. These are such wonderful things! I, the soul, continue to go around the cycle of 84 births; this never comes to an end. We are once again making effort. All the knowledge is in the soul. People place value on a star (cut of diamond); the better the star, the more its value. This one star has so much knowledge in it. It is also said: A sparkling star shines in the centre of the forehead. You understand this wonder. The Father says: I too am a s tar. You can also receive visions of this. However, if Baba were to reveal His form as that of a star, they would not accept it because they have heard that God is a very bright, eternal light, like the sun. There were many who used to go into trance, and because they had heard that God is a bright light, they had a vision of that. You now understand that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is like a star. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

  1. In order to become the masters of the land of truth, earn a true income from the Father. Stay in remembrance of the Father, the Master, and become a conqueror of Maya.
  2. In order to claim the unlimited inheritance from the Father, pay full attention to the Father’s teachings. Imbibe these teachings very well.
Blessing:May you be free from all attractions and experience constant safety by staying under the canopy of the Father’s protection.
In the physical world, you take the support of an umbrella to protect yourself from rain and sun. That is a physical canopy whereas this is the Father’s canopy of protection which keeps souls safe at every moment. No attraction can attract such souls to it. When you say “Baba” from your heart, you are safe. No matter what type of adverse situation comes in front of you, if you remain under the canopy of protection, you experience constant safety. There cannot be even the slightest effect of the influence of Maya.
Slogan:Become such masters of the self that all dependency finishes.

*** Om Shanti ***


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